County-wide Worship Art

Each quarter, around 250 youth and adult leaders from around Kershaw County gather Malvern Hill Baptist Church for a praise and worship service featuring live praise music, a Q&A session with guest panelists, a gospel message, and an invitation. Through this County-Wide Worship, God is working in the hearts and lives of young people around our country and in Kershaw County. During the last County-Wide Worship, two youths made decisions to follow Jesus.

The next County-Wide Worship will be Wednesday, May 3 at 7 p.m. at Malvern Hill Baptist Church. The guest speaker will be Travis Agnew from Rocky Creek Church in Greenville.

County-Wide Worship brings together middle school and high school students from Kershaw County and surrounding areas to worship Jesus as one body regardless of church name or denomination.

The worship music features student requests and favorite Christian worship songs from summer youth camp and other youth events. The Q&A panel features individuals from the community known by the students and have included youth leaders, local principals, business owners, and teachers. Panelists are asked questions about themselves, including their favorite foods, favorite scripture verse, and things they would tell their younger selves. The Q&A sessions give students the opportunity to know more about the adult leaders in their lives who are Christians.

Youth groups and students are invited to join the next County-Wide Worship. More information about Malvern Hill Baptist Church can be found on the website at More information about student events can be found at