Come celebrate World Migratory Bird Day at Andrew Jackson State Park on Saturday, May 14.

Learn more about migratory birds who visit the park during their travels. Discover how the simple act of dimming lights can help birds find their way in the night sky. Make a simple bird feeder.

Meet in the yard of the little schoolhouse for the event. This program is for children 12 and under, but people of all ages are invited. The program is free with park admission.

World Migratory Bird Day 2002 focuses on the impact of light pollution on migratory birds with the theme “Dim the Lights for Birds at Night.” As the amount of artificial light increases globally, the light disorients migrating birds who fly at night. The disoriented birds are likely to land in areas where they are more vulnerable to collisions and other dangers.

“These birds undertake a grueling journey across thousands of miles, and many do not make it to their destinations because of problems like light pollution,” said Dr. Susan Bonfield, executive director at Environment for the Americas. “It’s on all of us to take action to ensure the continued survival of these long-distance travelers.”

Artificial light also impacts birds in the breeding and winter seasons, disrupting feeding and other vital behaviors.

“This year’s conservation theme sends a powerful message that anyone — and everyone — can help migratory birds complete their journeys safely,” said John Rowden, senior director of bird-friendly communities at the National Audubon Society, a major sponsor of the campaign. “Simple steps that individuals, buildings, businesses, and communities can take, such as dimming, shielding and turning off external lighting, can make a big difference.”

Andrew Jackson State Park preserves and protects the site of Andrew Jackson’s boyhood home in South Carolina. Among its attractions are a museum about Andrew Jackson’s boyhood, a reproduction schoolhouse, trails, a campground and a fishing lake.

The park is 9 miles north of Lancaster on U.S. 521 at 196 Andrew Jackson Park Road. Admission to the park is $3 for adults; $1.50 for SC seniors/disabled/active duty National Guard; $1 for youth ages 6-15; free for ages 5 and younger. For more information, call the park at 803-285-3344.

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