The Lancaster County School District is moving forward with reassigning subdivisions that have yet to break ground in the Panhandle.

The school board voted 6-0 to reassign those neighborhoods that are planned or are under construction to schools outside of their current attendance zones to avoid overcrowding.

This move is just for Indian Land and Harrisburg elementary schools in the Panhandle.

“As it stands right now, the only place we would look at this is the Indian Land area because we don’t have this going on anywhere else,” said Bryan Vaughn, district director of safety and transportation. “What I would propose would this be as short term as possible.”

The district is looking for land in the Panhandle to build another elementary school. Once a fourth school is built, students would be reassigned to that school, relieving some of the burden for the Indian Land area.

“Right now we have a disadvantage (at) our elementary facilities,” Vaughn said. “The only classification of student this would affect would be elementary schools.

“We may not need this as much as we think we would. I would rather go on record and notify these subdivision ahead of time.”

Vaughn said that it might also be time to take another look at attendance lines for the 2023-24 school year.

Follow Mac Banks on Twitter @MacBanksFM or contact him at 803-339-6867.

Follow Mac Banks on Twitter @MacBanksFM or contact him at 803-339-6867.

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