Lancaster County School District Chief Financial Officer Jennifer White will be leaving her post in the district within the next several weeks.

White recently submitted her resignation to Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Phipps. Her last day is scheduled for Oct. 4. White has been with the school district roughly three years.

The school district released a statement Friday, Aug. 26, about White’s resignation.

The district is scheduled to start its annual audit next week with auditors from Green Finney Cauley, LLP, coming in to do this year’s audit. The auditors could be at the district into October finishing up their audit process.

“She will continue carrying out her responsibilities just as she had planned to do through that (Oct. 4),” said Bryan Vaughn, district communications director. “I don’t know if that process will be done by Oct. 4.”

The auditors will try to work to get the district’s annual audit ready to submit to the S.C. Department of Education before the Dec. 1 deadline. The district wants to submit the audit as early as possible to hopefully come off the state’s fiscal watch sooner.

A fiscal watch is the first and lowest level of concern from the state regarding a financial issue.

S.C. Superintendent Molly Spearman placed the school district on fiscal watch Feb. 28. The cause for the fiscal watch was an internal process of reconciling food service capital assets for the third quarter of the 2020-21 fiscal year.

No theft, misappropriation or fraud was found or alleged. The outstanding issues were attributed to accounting adjustments required to record the assets in the financial software from the fixed-asset software. The software glitch resulted in an audit adjustment of $50,000 to the food-service fixed assets.

Follow Mac Banks on Twitter @MacBanksFM or contact him at 803-339-6867.

Follow Mac Banks on Twitter @MacBanksFM or contact him at 803-339-6867.

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