The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is waiting on forensic results on what caused several students and a bus driver to get sick last month on a school bus.

While the exact cause of the Oct. 26 incident at Indian Land High has yet to be determined, investigators took samples of a suspicious powder substance from the floor near the back of the bus and are waiting on results from the State Law Enforcement Division in Columbia. There is no timeline on when test results will be ready.

“We have no evidence one way or another that the samples collected were illegal drugs or any other noxious substance, which caused the symptoms,” Sheriff Barry Faile said. “We are simply exploring all possibilities to include or exclude potential causes.”

The camera on the bus was reviewed and showed the substance on the bus earlier in the day, but no symptoms were reported by anyone at the time.

The Sheriff’s Office has no evidence that carbon monoxide or any other emission from the bus caused the symptoms.

The Sheriff’s Office has also investigated whether those present during the incident possessed, used or distributed illegal drugs on or near the bus or at any other location on the day.

“We have interviewed many people to determine whether illegal activity led to this incident,” Faile said. “We have yet to establish any such connection. Our investigation is open, and we continue to follow all information we have or received until we get an answer or determine that we will not be able to get an answer.”

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