Clean house at polls

Remember back before 2010 when the Democrats controlled Congress and dodged constituents by not holding public meetings, including our former congressman?

Now that there are problems in Lancaster County schools and voters are unhappy, what are school board members doing? They’re following the Nancy Pelosi duck-and-dodge” game. They even voted not to hold public meetings around the county. What are they trying to hide?

So which ones voted against these meetings? Bobby Parker, Janice Dabney, Maggie Gamble and Tyrom Faulkner. Remember these names as some of them are up for re-election in November.

Remember what Lancaster County voters did about duck-and-dodge politics in 2010? They voted to clean house by electing Mick Mulvaney to Congress. We did it once and in this November’s school board elections, we can do it again.

Seth Delconte

Indian Land

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