One local, one state and one national race will be on the ballot for Chesterfield County voters next Tuesday.

In last week’s primary, four candidates sought the Republican nomination for sheriff. None met the 50%-plus-one needed to win the nomination outright, so the top two finishers will face off June 28. The winner between Cambo Streater and Keith Thomas will face incumbent Democrat Sheriff James “J.D.” Dixon in November’s General Election.

The only other race on the Republican ballot will be to decide a state superintendent of education candidate. Kathy Maness finished in first place in a crowded, six-person field last week, but fell well short of the threshold (she had 30.57% of the vote) to win the race outright. Ellen Weaver finished second at 23.33% of the vote, so the two are facing off in the runoff. The winner will face Democrat Lisa Ellis in November’s General Election. Ellis narrowly avoided a runoff herself as she pulled in 50.11% of the votes on during the primary.

On the Democratic side, the only race will be for U.S. Senate. Last week’s primary featured a very hotly contested three-way race. Catherine Bruce and Krystle Matthews finished with 34.69% and 33.24% respectively and will face off next Tuesday for the right to run against incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Tim Scott. Angela Geter finished just 1,977 votes behind Matthews, garnering 32.08% of the vote.

Turnout for the primary was 24.3% in Chesterfield County and turnout for runoffs usually struggles to get half of that number. Anyone who voted in the primary last week can vote in the runoff, but only for the party whose primary they voted in originally. Those that did not vote in the primary at all can choose to vote in either the Republican or Democratic runoff.

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