I’m on the road again, but not too far from where I live. About 9-10 miles as the crow flies, or as my old dependable Toyota flies at 45-50 mph. I don’t like to break the speed limit at my age! But I do get there almost as quick as my grandson, Thomas Bailey, at 70-80 mph.

Wheat or as some scholars call it, the “Bread of Life,’’ is one of the oldest foods on earth. It’s where we get our delicious biscuits from. It is ground up for all kinds of cooking recipes and cereals, and is also used in many other food items. It has been planted and eaten since before ancient Egypt. Some scientists believe that wheat was first cultivated in Asia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers about 300 B.C., possibly even before that. Wheat and corn are the leading grains over rice and barley and other grains.

Sherrill C. Mullis is a longtime Lancaster resident.

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