USC Lancaster’s Native American Studies Center program assistant and assistant curator Sharon Simmers-Norton and special projects coordinator Elisabeth Avelar display a fringe shawl and ribboned belt from regalia that belonged to Teresa Kennington.

Showcasing a wide variety of fabric arts, “Woven Together: Fiber Art within Special Collections” at the University of South Carolina Lancaster’s Native American Studies Center gives guests a look at some never-before-seen and rarely seen hand-woven creations from the Native American Studies collections.

Opening Thursday, Feb. 23, in the center’s Duke Energy Gallery, the exhibit includes regalia, fingerweavings, leatherworks, beaded items, moccasins, jewelry and more. “The goal was to highlight fiber arts that people may not have seen from our collection yet, as well as the artists who made them,” said Elisabeth Avelar, center special projects coordinator, who curated the exhibit, along with center assistant curator and program assistant Sharon Simmers-Norton.

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