The City of Chester not only denies many of the allegations contained in a recent lawsuit filed by former Administrator Stephanie Jackson, it has made counter claims centered on her residency and the removal of important documents.

Jackson was abruptly fired on March 28 by a 5-3 vote of Chester City Council after nearly four years on the job. Per her recently filed lawsuit, Jackson’s contract called for her to be paid $70,000 annually, with five vacation days and five sick days. She accrued additional time at the same rate as other full-time employees. The contract renewed every year and either party had the ability to voluntarily terminate the contract as long as they provided 90 days written notice to the other party. The lawsuit claims Jackson did not commit any illegal, immoral or unethical act and “always met or exceeded what was expected of her.” The firing came “without warning, notice or an opportunity to be heard” and was done without cause without the necessary 90 days written notice. The suit says she had 302 hours of paid time off accrued at the time of her firing and is entitled to due wages for 90 days following her termination, which claims to have unsuccessfully tried to collect.

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