School District, look to your priorities

On March 28,2022, the Superintendents from Chester and Lancaster schools wrote a letter to the delegations representing our counties in the General Assembly. While they support the pay increase of $4,000 per teacher, they requested that this increase be fully funded by the state. If not, it would require local funds to provide for the raise and fringe costs. For Lancaster, it would be $5.9 million and for Chester, it would be $1.7 million needed. They stated, “This need for additional local funds would disproportionately impact our small business owners.” (This is asking local taxpayers to pay an additional $1.7 million.) They go on to state that they “may have to consider other options, such as reduced staff sizes, increased student-teacher ratios or other cost-saving measures that could impact the quality of education that our students need and deserve.”

If $1.7 million can result in all of that, imagine what $263 million will do! Will $263 million not disproportionately impact the small business owners if $1.7 million will? Perhaps sound planning and cost cutting steps for every facet of the school district could save enough to show that you indeed care about our teachers and students. While the General Assembly is planning cuts for funding programs, will our administration hire even less staff and make class sizes even larger? If so, even new buildings won’t help bring teachers to Chester County. Priorities….

Ellen Reid


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